30 MEN I FIND ATTRACTIVE: (no particular order)

3. Kenneth Nixon

Awwwwww, they just look so happy! <3 

twentyme asked:
I'm interviewing the band tonight in Akron, OH. Do you have any questions you wanted to ask? Or maybe some questions from your followers? I really love your blog!

Uhm, anything about how the wedding or how his baby is doing. Or if there’s any funny stories his kid has done? I don’t know, I’m bad when it comes to these things! XD 

But followers… let’s go with questions! :D

And thank you. :)

Congrats Nixon. <3 

kirstycupcakee asked:
I love your blog! ahah. Im in love with Kenneth Nixon! I met him earlier this year and he huged me:3

Thank you! Omg, you’re so lucky! :o Are his hugs magical? :p


Happy Halloween you guys! :D